Pair 24

Issue 38 - Shape of Things to Come

Alphy created a trip wire bomb disguised as a backpack after one failed attempt in creating which resulted in blowing himself up.

Catherine asks Joseph Waters to build her a poisonous canisters. Joseph refused, while Catherine pushed further by trying to seduce him, Joseph responded with insults. Catherine punched him, but Joseph’s body adjusted to his opponent hardening his body to pain, her blow was had no effect.

A few hours later, angered by Joseph’s actions against her, tried to lock pick Joseph’s room door. After breaking her lock in the door, she heard someone heading down the hall towards her direction. Morphing into a security personnel she walked past Cynthia in the hall. The rebellion operative identified Catherine. Curious, Catherine morphed back and asked Cynthia how she knew, all the operative got was a smirk, and “I have my ways.”

Heading to the tech lab, Catherine tried to convince Patrickto build her the gas canister technology, but was interrupted by Alphy. Alphy requested a blueprint of the camouflage van, and ordered the young man back to work.

Volunteering to create Catherine’s idea, he approached Joseph Waters to co-develop it, but Joseph, who already finished the design of a very similar idea decided he would give Alphy this tech if he promised not to share it with Catherine.

Shamus spent some time in Joseph Waters room while he worked.

Alphy received a call from a Seer operative to meet at an airfield.

Arriving Alpha Squad notes that the old meeting location, an abandoned car part factory, was within view of the airfield.

Driving up with Shamus’ van, Alphy leaves a clone in the van, and walks out with his backpack.
Alphy is pat down by Seer soldiers. Alphy notices a glint in Vase’s eyes, and he orders his subordinate to remove his backpack. Alphy while removing pretending to remove the backpack, he threw it into the crowd of Seers while pulling the trip wire.

Catherine notices laser sights aimed at the rest of the group. Joseph Waters, targeting the priestfor his body to adapt to, erects a force field around the van which deflects the sniper fire. Vas leaps at Alphy through the destruction with a bowie knife, while his subordinates attempt to focus fire him down. The van begins to move by itself heading the brick wall of a hangar.

Shamus regained control of the van and barrels it towards Vas Bruncek. Wrapping his force-field around himself, Joseph leaped out of the moving vehicle. As the force-field dissipated the sniper rifle hit the explosives in the van, forcing Catherine and Shamus to roll out of the car. The car door hit Catherine while she leaped out, her arm snapped as the car door hit her, and as she landed she broke three ribs, Alphy’s clone incinerated.

Alphy creates clones which dispatch the Seer normal ground forces. Shamus fires a blast of flame at the priest which brushed against his skin like a the wind on a stormy day. Alphy’s clones take care of the Seer soldiers, while Catherine threw a grenade destroying the last of Vase’s subordinates.

Shamus threw ice shrapnel at the priest, hitting him in the face, cutting the holy man’s lip, making him spit out blood. The priest’s skin began to crack with red energy until it exploded out of him, damaging most of Alpha Squad, incinerating Alphy’s clones, and knocking Catherine through a hangar, knocking her unconscious.

Lifting himself off the ground, Shamus fired a final ball of ice, hitting the priest in the throat, damaging his wind pipe. As Vase turned his back to Alphy to fire at Shamus, Alphy and his clones attack the Seer commander from behind knocking slamming him in the back of the head, disorienting him. Then as a combined effort, Alphy’s clones slammed into him, breaking the Seer leader’s body in one fluid motion.

The priest, on the ground and struggling to breath, called Shamus over to him. The holy man put a crucifix in the Irish soldier’s hands, and said, “Take care of my children.”

Vase reached out to Alphy, grabbed his hand. Alphy’s head filled with a vision, of him standing in the barren ruins of Boston, sounds of battle coming from a distance, and the bodies of his companions all around him. Vase’s final words were, “Prepare, prepare for the Day of Dawn.”

Alphy searched Vase’s body, finding a lamenated badge of a Soviet Army General, and a trigger.
Aidan arrived with bloody blades, and Catherine over his shoulder. Aidan had dispatched of the telekinetics that had been using their abilities to act as snipers.

Alphy set off the trigger which resulted in the abandoned factory, and the hangars to explode.


1 HP for all participants of the finale Seers battle.
1 HP for Alphy for doing the stunt “exploding bag toss”, and surviving.
1 HP for Joseph Waters for doing the stunt of covering the van with a force-field to deflect sniper shots.

2 PP for all participants of the Terror Storyline! (Issues 35 – 38)

Issue 37 - Boil to the Surface

Drunk out of his mind, Sethwandered into Aidan’s room and used his Pulse.

Seth has a vision of his fathertelling him that he’s disappointed, and in the dream he wanders into a cave where he fights his father’s murderer who turns out to be him.

Seth awakes back in his room, while Aidan returns to his own only to discover that someone broke in.

Aidan suspected Seth, he burst into Seth’s room and started to interrogate him.

Shamus, Catherine, and Alphy go to investigate after they heard the crash from Seth’s room. Catherine, and Shamus arrived at the fight, Catherine attacked Aidan, while Shamus watched not wanting to get involved.

Alphyarrived and dispersed the fight with his clones. Aidan, and Seth leave Homestead seperately.

Shamus answered Aidan’s abandoned phone, and received the meeting details from Gabriel Parry.

Shamus alerted Catherine, and Alphy about this.

While heading towards the meeting, the group tried to get both Aidan and Seth to go with them, both refused.

Arriving at an old abandoned factory, Alpha Squad met Vase Bruncek the leader of the Seers. After failing to convince Vase to stop the terrorist attacks, they negotiated to give the squad one more day to decide.

Seth Rogers now back to Joseph Waters decides to “restart fresh”. He visits the bar where Aidan is drinking, he sees Ericwho is there watching over Aidan. Joseph apologizes to Aidan, and they agree that they cannot leave the fate of thousands in the rest of the team’s hands.

The group meets up in Homestead, and begin to make plans for the final meeting.


1 HP for Joseph Waters for dealing with his “shattered life” drawback.
1 HP for Aidan for his “losing faith in the cause” drawback.
1 HP for all participants of the combat with each other.

Issue 36 - Community

Catherine, trying to console Samanthatells Johnsonto get her a pony.

Alpha Squad decides to investigate the East Side Divinus support group.

Sethand Catherine disguising as father and daughter, go into the support group as troubled Divinus.

Leaving her phone on, Catherine allowed Aidanto listen in on the meeting.

Welcomed to the group, they listened to the their problems.

The greeter, and host asked Catherine to go “meet some friends”, and a man named Cliftonled her out, and they drove away.

David, the greeter preceded to talk to Seth about his alcohol problem, while discussing this the greeter tried to hypnotize the drunk. His attempt failed, and when David’s back was turned Joseph attacked him, knocking his face against the snack bar, knocking him unconscious.

Shamusfollowed the SUV Catherine was in, while Aidan rolled out of the van and snuk up towards the community centre.

Aidan insighted despair to the Divinus standing at the entrance, but failed in the end as the troubled Divinus wandered inside to see what was the commotion in community center. Concerned, the Divinus wandered inside to find Seth holding an unconcious host. They call the police, and await the arrival of a squad car.

Aidan impersonating the police, knocks Seth down and claims his comrade a terrorist.
Armed men, knock down the door almost killing Seth. Aidan threw Seth out of the window, quickly following behind.

Catherine was brought to a meeting with a Seer lieutenant, Gabriel. She was offered to accompany a mission, and her cell phone was taken away from her.

After healing Seth, Aidan and his companion headed to Catherine’s location finding Shamus observing the house.

Suiting up, Shamus receives a coded message from Catherine which he does not understand.
After relieving themselves of their weapons, Aidan and Seth negotiated a meeting with the leader of the Seers.


- 1 HP for all participants in setting up the meeting with the Seer leader.

Issue 35 - Terror

During a month off Shamus Finbarr learned of Catherine Mortor’s connections to Mortor Enterprises as a heiress.

Catherine Mortor returns to Alpha Squad after working as an intelligence operative with Johnson for the past month and a half.

Aidan was reassigned to an undercover operation in the charity Boston Cares, a DSO front used to gather money. When asked by coworker to get coffee he met a priest standing outside handing out brochures for a Divinus support group, he also wore a cross with a four leaf clover enscribed into it.

As Aidan walked towards the coffee shop the charity exploded. He ran back, and attended to the wounded, and saw the priest standing in the middle of the rubble, walking towards a van.

Aidan sneaked towards the van, and managed to grab onto the back of the van without them noticing.

The rest of Alpha Squad arrived at ground zero of the terrorist attack, and searched for their comrade’s body.

Aidan follows the driver to his house, and alerts the rest of the squad.

Alpha Squad arrives, Catherine and Aidan disguise as police officers. Shamus and Seth go around the back of the house. Aidan, and Catherine go into the house, start conversing with the suspect’s wife, while Catherine investigates the van. Catherine finds nothing but the smell of burning, and a 9mm pistol in the glove box.

Asking for license and registration for the gun, George headed upstairs to grab it. After he grabbed it, the wife ambushes Aidan with an arc of crimson lightning. Catherine and Aidan dispatched of the spouses before Shamus, and Seth could even enter the room.

At the top of the stairs, Seth spotted the small girl, Samanthawanting to see her father for tea time. After failing to coerce her to come downstairs, he texted Catherine to come upstairs as the girl’s father. Morphing into the child’s father, she carried the kid outside, hiding her eyes from the gruesome scene.

Returning to Homestead, Catherine managed to convince Matthew Johnson to keep the kid until they find a good enough home for her. Morphing into Samantha’s father, Catherine told the girl that Johnson is her uncle and that her father is going away for a while.

Aidan, using Cynthiaas a conduit, met with The Leader for orders, he is to be reassigned back to I-Alpha Squad and to be given temporary command for this mission.


  • 1 HP for all participants of the combat
  • 1 HP for Aidan for performing the stunt of attaching to a moving vehicle without being detected.
  • 1 HP for Catherine for dealing with her drawback narcissism.
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