Pair 24

Issue 37 - Boil to the Surface

Drunk out of his mind, Sethwandered into Aidan’s room and used his Pulse.

Seth has a vision of his fathertelling him that he’s disappointed, and in the dream he wanders into a cave where he fights his father’s murderer who turns out to be him.

Seth awakes back in his room, while Aidan returns to his own only to discover that someone broke in.

Aidan suspected Seth, he burst into Seth’s room and started to interrogate him.

Shamus, Catherine, and Alphy go to investigate after they heard the crash from Seth’s room. Catherine, and Shamus arrived at the fight, Catherine attacked Aidan, while Shamus watched not wanting to get involved.

Alphyarrived and dispersed the fight with his clones. Aidan, and Seth leave Homestead seperately.

Shamus answered Aidan’s abandoned phone, and received the meeting details from Gabriel Parry.

Shamus alerted Catherine, and Alphy about this.

While heading towards the meeting, the group tried to get both Aidan and Seth to go with them, both refused.

Arriving at an old abandoned factory, Alpha Squad met Vase Bruncek the leader of the Seers. After failing to convince Vase to stop the terrorist attacks, they negotiated to give the squad one more day to decide.

Seth Rogers now back to Joseph Waters decides to “restart fresh”. He visits the bar where Aidan is drinking, he sees Ericwho is there watching over Aidan. Joseph apologizes to Aidan, and they agree that they cannot leave the fate of thousands in the rest of the team’s hands.

The group meets up in Homestead, and begin to make plans for the final meeting.


1 HP for Joseph Waters for dealing with his “shattered life” drawback.
1 HP for Aidan for his “losing faith in the cause” drawback.
1 HP for all participants of the combat with each other.



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