Pair 24

Issue 36 - Community

Catherine, trying to console Samanthatells Johnsonto get her a pony.

Alpha Squad decides to investigate the East Side Divinus support group.

Sethand Catherine disguising as father and daughter, go into the support group as troubled Divinus.

Leaving her phone on, Catherine allowed Aidanto listen in on the meeting.

Welcomed to the group, they listened to the their problems.

The greeter, and host asked Catherine to go “meet some friends”, and a man named Cliftonled her out, and they drove away.

David, the greeter preceded to talk to Seth about his alcohol problem, while discussing this the greeter tried to hypnotize the drunk. His attempt failed, and when David’s back was turned Joseph attacked him, knocking his face against the snack bar, knocking him unconscious.

Shamusfollowed the SUV Catherine was in, while Aidan rolled out of the van and snuk up towards the community centre.

Aidan insighted despair to the Divinus standing at the entrance, but failed in the end as the troubled Divinus wandered inside to see what was the commotion in community center. Concerned, the Divinus wandered inside to find Seth holding an unconcious host. They call the police, and await the arrival of a squad car.

Aidan impersonating the police, knocks Seth down and claims his comrade a terrorist.
Armed men, knock down the door almost killing Seth. Aidan threw Seth out of the window, quickly following behind.

Catherine was brought to a meeting with a Seer lieutenant, Gabriel. She was offered to accompany a mission, and her cell phone was taken away from her.

After healing Seth, Aidan and his companion headed to Catherine’s location finding Shamus observing the house.

Suiting up, Shamus receives a coded message from Catherine which he does not understand.
After relieving themselves of their weapons, Aidan and Seth negotiated a meeting with the leader of the Seers.


- 1 HP for all participants in setting up the meeting with the Seer leader.



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