Pair 24

Issue 35 - Terror

During a month off Shamus Finbarr learned of Catherine Mortor’s connections to Mortor Enterprises as a heiress.

Catherine Mortor returns to Alpha Squad after working as an intelligence operative with Johnson for the past month and a half.

Aidan was reassigned to an undercover operation in the charity Boston Cares, a DSO front used to gather money. When asked by coworker to get coffee he met a priest standing outside handing out brochures for a Divinus support group, he also wore a cross with a four leaf clover enscribed into it.

As Aidan walked towards the coffee shop the charity exploded. He ran back, and attended to the wounded, and saw the priest standing in the middle of the rubble, walking towards a van.

Aidan sneaked towards the van, and managed to grab onto the back of the van without them noticing.

The rest of Alpha Squad arrived at ground zero of the terrorist attack, and searched for their comrade’s body.

Aidan follows the driver to his house, and alerts the rest of the squad.

Alpha Squad arrives, Catherine and Aidan disguise as police officers. Shamus and Seth go around the back of the house. Aidan, and Catherine go into the house, start conversing with the suspect’s wife, while Catherine investigates the van. Catherine finds nothing but the smell of burning, and a 9mm pistol in the glove box.

Asking for license and registration for the gun, George headed upstairs to grab it. After he grabbed it, the wife ambushes Aidan with an arc of crimson lightning. Catherine and Aidan dispatched of the spouses before Shamus, and Seth could even enter the room.

At the top of the stairs, Seth spotted the small girl, Samanthawanting to see her father for tea time. After failing to coerce her to come downstairs, he texted Catherine to come upstairs as the girl’s father. Morphing into the child’s father, she carried the kid outside, hiding her eyes from the gruesome scene.

Returning to Homestead, Catherine managed to convince Matthew Johnson to keep the kid until they find a good enough home for her. Morphing into Samantha’s father, Catherine told the girl that Johnson is her uncle and that her father is going away for a while.

Aidan, using Cynthiaas a conduit, met with The Leader for orders, he is to be reassigned back to I-Alpha Squad and to be given temporary command for this mission.


  • 1 HP for all participants of the combat
  • 1 HP for Aidan for performing the stunt of attaching to a moving vehicle without being detected.
  • 1 HP for Catherine for dealing with her drawback narcissism.
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