Alphy Quinn

A genius duplicator who's ultimate goal is to change the world forever.


’’’Alphy Quinn’’’

Power Level: 12; Power Points Spent: 235/235

’’’STR: 9’’’ (16/28), ’’’DEX: +2’’’ (14), ’’’CON: +8’’’ (14/26), ’’’INT: +7’’’ (24), ’’’WIS: +1’’’ (12), ’’’CHA: +0’’’ (10)

’’’Tough: +8, Fort: +10, Ref: +6, Will: +9’’’

’’’Skills: ’’’Acrobatics 8 (‘’’
10’’’), Bluff 15 (’’’+15’’’), Computers 15 (’’’+22’’’), Craft (mechanical) 1 (’’’+8’’’), Diplomacy 4 (’’’+4’’’), Disable Device 12 (’’’+19’’’), Drive 1 (’’’+3’’’), Gather Information 8 (’’’+8’’’), Investigate 8 (’’’+15’’’), Search 4 (’’’+11’’’), Sense Motive 15 (’’’+16’’’), Swim 1 (’’’+10’’’)

’’’Feats: ’’’Accurate Attack, All-Out Attack, Equipment 5, Fearless, Improved Critical (Unarmed Attack), Improved Grab, Improvised Weapons, Inventor, Master Plan, Power Attack, Prone Fighting, Quick Draw, Stunning Attack, Takedown Attack, Teamwork, Well-Informed

’’’Biosuit (Device 6)‘’’ (Hard to lose)
:’’’Enhanced Constitution 12’’’ (12 CON)
:’’’Enhanced Strength 12’’’ (
12 STR)
’’’Duplication 12’’’ (Heroic, Horde, Survival, Duration (continuous); Progression, # Duplicates 4 (25 duplicates))

’’’Equipment: ’’’Cell Phone, Laser Rifle

’’’Attack Bonus: +14 ‘’’(Ranged: +14, Melee: +14, Grapple: +23)

’’’Attacks: ’’’Laser Rifle, +14 (DC 23), Unarmed Attack, +14 (DC 24)

’’’Defense: +10’’’ (Flat-footed: +5), Knockback: -4

’’’Initiative: +2’’’

’’’Languages: ’’’Native Language

’’’Totals: ’’’Abilities 30 + Skills 23 (92 ranks) + Feats 20 + Powers 100 + Combat 48 + Saves 14 + Drawbacks 0 = 235


Early Years

Alphy Quinn was born to Ameliaand Liam Quinn, unfortunately Alphy’s mother did not survive the birth of her child, suffering from complications during the birth she was pronounced dead soon after.

Born to nobility, Alphy lived a very public and privileged life often receiving whatever he wanted at the young man’s behest. Extravagant parties, the paparazzi, and meeting the upper tier of society was always part of daily life for the Quinn dynasty, although this resulted in Alphy meeting many prominent figures, he would rarely get the opportunity for seclusion.

When it came to family life, Alphy had none to speak of. His father, busy with maintaining his empire, left the responsibility to raising his son to various caretakers. As Alphy grew from boy to young man he displayed exceptional intellect, intuition, and determination garnering national fame, and often being cited as the next Einstein.


Although Alphy was an icon in his own right, he desired more, he wanted to change the world irreparably, he wanted to become immortal. In secret Alphy discovered a power that would only blossom his ambitions, the young genius learned his body could duplicate cells so quickly that he could create alternate versions of himself that would be subservient to Alphy’s wishes, and even if he died his consciousness would be transferred to the nearest clone.

Wishing to be free of his old life, and the restrictions of his family’s fame, Alphy planned to rid himself of his past. After a summer of preparing, and plotting, Alphy was due to return to Oxford, all the while rigging his plane to crash the next morning. Alphy’s clone watched on a nearby hill as his plane plummeted to the ground, killing Alphy Quinn, and twenty three other passengers in a fiery wreckage.

While the world mourned the loss of ‘the next Renaissance Man’, Alphy began spreading his clones out around the world, making an information net more effective than most government agencies, placing one central clone in Antarctica where he built a self sufficent base able to observe and investigate all the other clones findings.

Curiosity did get the better of him though, Alphy did venture to his own funeral only to find his father enjoying himself in good company, not even showing any outward signs of displeasure for his son’s death. Alphy even spotted him in the company of a young lady, which he assumed was his latest fling.

After going to his funeral, Alphy is currently venturing to New York to place his last clone.

Alphy Quinn

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