Catherine Mortor

A fashion model who moonlights as a vigilante.


’’’Catherine Mortor’’’

Power Level: 12; Power Points Spent: 234/235

’’’STR: 1’’’ (13), ’’’DEX: +7’’’ (25), ’’’CON: +2’’’ (15), ’’’INT: +3’’’ (17), ’’’WIS: +2’’’ (14), ’’’CHA: +15’’’ (40)

’’’Tough: +2/
5, Fort: 7, Ref: +17, Will: +10’’’

’’’Skills: ’’’Acrobatics 16 (‘’’
23’’’), Bluff 5 (’’’+20’’’), Climb 14 (’’’+15’’’), Diplomacy 5 (’’’+20’’’), Disable Device 3 (’’’+6’’’), Disguise 16 (’’’+31/32’’’), Escape Artist 12 (‘’’19’’’), Gather Information 5 (’’’+20’’’), Intimidate 16 (’’’+31’’’), Investigate 8 (’’’+11’’’), Notice 9 (’’’+11’’’), Search 11 (’’’+14’’’), Sleight of Hand 13 (’’’+20’’’), Stealth 13 (’’’+20’’’)

’’’Feats: ’’’Attractive 5, Equipment 12, Fascinate (Diplomacy)

’’’Morphing (Morph 8)‘’’ (morph: broad group – humanoid, +40 Disguise)
’’’Poison Glove (Device 11)‘’’ (Hard to lose)
:’’’Paraquat Poison (Nauseate 11)‘’’ (DC 21)
:’’’Strytichine Poison (Suffocate 11)‘’’ (DC 21; Duration (sustained))

’’’Equipment: ’’’Assault Rifle, Blaster Pistol, Cell Phone, Fragmentation Grenade, Glock Pistol, Knife, Undercover Vest

’’’Attack Bonus: +5 ‘’’(Ranged: +5, Melee: +5, Grapple: +6)

’’’Attacks: ’’’Assault Rifle, +5 (DC 20), Blaster Pistol, +5 (DC 20), Fragmentation Grenade, +5 (DC Ref 15), Glock Pistol, +5 (DC 18), Knife, +5 (DC 17), Paraquat Poison (Nauseate 11), +5 (DC Fort/Staged 21), Strytichine Poison (Suffocate 11), +5 (DC Fort 21), Unarmed Attack, +5 (DC 16)

’’’Defense: +11’’’ (Flat-footed: +6), Knockback: -2

’’’Initiative: +7’’’

’’’Languages: ’’’Native Language

’’’Totals: ’’’Abilities 64 + Skills 37 (146 ranks) + Feats 18 + Powers 60 + Combat 32 + Saves 23 + Drawbacks 0 = 234

’’’Validation: ’’’Disguise: Exceeds Power Level limit by 39


Early Years

Raised in Piney Point, Texas, Catherine is a member of the wealthy oil giants, the Mortors. As part of that dynasty she was constantly surrounded by business titans, politicians, and money grubbers seeking to worm their way into the family. Many of these people would often try to garner favours from Catherine’s father, by complementing the young girl, or giving gifts to her. This attention swelled inside the young woman completely solidifing the thought that whenever she entered a room, everyone’s gaze was brought to her.

On Catherine’s ninth birthday she came home from school early as was the tradition in her family. Expecting a present from her father, and to be taken swiftly to the airport afterward, Catherine walked inside to find no one home. Searching the house she heard barking, the young girl walked inside her bedroom to find her father’s shredded up remains. As blood spilled to Catherine’s feet, vicious German Shepherds chewed on her father’s remains, peeling the meat off Artemis’ bones. Her father’s hollow gaze looked pointedly at Catherine, forever haunting her.

The authorities amounted her father’s death to that of a mob hit, after discovering that he was being pressured by various criminal organizations to bend knee to their whims.

Present Day

The day of her father’s death long behind her, Catherine grew up to become an impossibly beautiful young woman, pursuing a career as a fashion model at her mother’s behest. Taking the fashion world by storm, she was called “Aphrodite reborn”, and took the mantle of the new face of fashion. The increased revenue of Catherine’s enterprise brought new success to MO (Mortor Oil), renaming the company a more suitable name “Mortor International”. Controlling 50 percent of the oil industry, and dominating the fashion market, the blooming company would have come to dominate the business world if not for Vladmirovich Enterprises.

Although Catherine looked beyond her tumultuous past, she was still haunted by the vision of her father’s corpse. Wishing to do good in the world she moonlighted as the international vigilante, Poison Dart. As the illustrious model traveled the globe, she would adorn Poison Dart’s getup to strike an incapacitating blow to the heart of the global criminal underworld.

Now heading to Boston International Fashion Week, Catherine is the premiere fashion model everyone is waiting for.

Catherine Mortor

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