George Bennett


George was a married Divinus construction worker in Boston, and father of a four year old girl, Samantha. After both he and his wife were tired of being mistreated by the government, they went to a support group together only to be recruited to the Seers. They became loyal agents of the group, collecting supplies, and information for the secretive organization.

One day, George was assigned to pick up a middle aged man at a Boston street corner who “looked down on his luck”. He arrived to find this man naked, walking away from the burning wreckage of a charity. Dropping this man off he went straight home, unbenowst to him was that a Divinus rebellion operative was on top of the van.

Arriving home, he went inside to his family only to have the police knock on his door a few minutes later. After inviting the police inside, thinking they had been found out, George and his wife attacked the police with their abilities, wishing to overpower them quickly. Unfortunetly the police officers were I-Alpha squad members Aidan, and Catherine Mortor.

George’s chest exploded from a blaster shot to the chest, dieing instantly.

George Bennett

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