Seth Rogers

A tortured ex-FBI profiler, and ex-vigilante.


’’’Seth Rogers’’’

Power Level: 12; Power Points Spent: 232/235

’’’STR: 1’’’ (12), ’’’DEX: +4’’’ (18), ’’’CON: +1’’’ (12), ’’’INT: +4’’’ (18), ’’’WIS: +3’’’ (16), ’’’CHA: +4’’’ (18)

’’’Tough: +1/
5, Fort: 4, Ref: +13, Will: +8’’’

’’’Skills: ’’’Bluff 8 (‘’’
12’’’), Climb 11 (’’’+12’’’), Computers 4 (’’’+8’’’), Concentration 4 (’’’+7’’’), Craft (chemical) 8 (’’’+12’’’), Craft (mechanical) 4 (’’’+8’’’), Diplomacy 8 (’’’+12’’’), Disable Device 4 (’’’+8’’’), Disguise 4 (’’’+8’’’), Drive 4 (’’’+8’’’), Escape Artist 8 (’’’+12’’’), Gather Information 12 (’’’+16’’’), Intimidate 8 (’’’+12’’’), Investigate 4 (’’’+8’’’), Knowledge (psychology) 4 (’’’+8’’’), Notice 7 (’’’+10’’’), Profession (Psychologist) 4 (’’’+7’’’), Search 4 (’’’+8’’’), Sense Motive 7 (’’’+10’’’), Sleight of Hand 8 (’’’+12’’’), Stealth 16 (’’’+20’’’)

’’’Feats: ’’’Ambidexterity, Attack Focus (ranged), Defensive Roll, Diehard, Endurance, Equipment 7, Fearless, Grappling Finesse, Hide in Plain Sight, Improved Aim, Improved Grab, Improved Initiative, Inventor, Precise Shot, Quick Draw, Ranged Pin, Skill Mastery (Acrobatics, Bluff, Sense Motive, Stealth), Sneak Attack, Trance, Ultimate Effort (Stealth), Uncanny Dodge (Audio)

’’’Nemesis 10’’’

’’’Equipment: ’’’Assault Rifle, Blaster Pistol, Cell Phone, Knife, Undercover Vest

’’’Attack Bonus: +9 ‘’’(Ranged: +10, Melee: +9, Grapple: +13)

’’’Attacks: ’’’Assault Rifle, +10 (DC 20), Blaster Pistol, +10 (DC 20), Knife, +9 (DC 17), Unarmed Attack, +9 (DC 16)

’’’Defense: +10’’’ (Flat-footed: +5), Knockback: -2

’’’Initiative: +8’’’

’’’Languages: ’’’English

’’’Totals: ’’’Abilities 34 + Skills 36 (141 ranks) + Feats 27 + Powers 80 + Combat 38 + Saves 17 + Drawbacks 0 = 232


Early Life

A native of New York, Seth was originally born into the name Joseph Waters by parents Elizabeth and Frederick Waters. Growing up in wealth, Joseph’s parents were both influential in the banking industry, watching over their son as best as they could while being quite busy with their professional lives. Joseph achieved academic success early, being boosted up a few years in his school for his quick mind, and perceptiveness.

Joseph, growing up quite sheltered was a quiet child, and being surrounded by kids three years older than him was an alien experience, and one that was quite jarring. When one of his school’s bullies came to him threatening him, and insulting his parents Joseph gave him his lunch money. The next day however, Joseph was confronted by the bully again. The bully threw insults against the child, again, and again, demanding his lunch money. Something in Joseph leaped out, at the end of it, he dislocated the bully’s right shoulder, bent his front teeth, and gave the bigger kid a concussion. Joseph didn’t have a scratch on him.

His mother, distraught over what happened, quit her job and took Joseph out of school, deciding it to be best to mentor the boy herself. Joseph felt more comfortable at home with his mother, but never had the chance to meet other people. He would only converse with friends of his parents, and the court assigned psychologist that he had to visit for what he did to that boy.

When Joseph was nine after he and his mother finished a chapter in Law, they decided to go visit his father at the bank, and go out for ice cream. After meeting his father at the Federal Reserve, and went out for their snack. Once they returned, they began walking down the main lobby towards Frederick’s office. Bank robbers with automatic weapons filed into the bank; the criminals were waiting for the return of the bank manager so they could get in the vault easily.

Elizabeth Waters told Joseph to go hide behind the counter, as she helped him get in his hiding place she kissed his hand and shed a tear. The young boy hiding under the counter could see the feet of his parents and a man in black army boots who marched towards them, stopping five feet away from the two adults. The man in the army boots demanded that Frederick open the vault for them. Frederick refused again and again, until he said, “A man who steals and does not give is the dirt beneath my boots, but a man who gives without the need to receive is a golden standard for all of us to abide.” Those were his last words as bullets sprayed both of the Waters. Joseph watched helplessly as his parents bodies hit the ground.

Realizing that without the bank manager the heist was a bust, the robbers began killing the rest of the bank workers. Joseph heard the screams as those his father had introduced to him died horrible deaths in a hail of gunfire.

When the police arrived they only found one survivor, a small nine year old boy, Joseph Waters. The media called this tragedy ‘The-Reserve-Massacre’, and Joseph was hounded for interviews and pictures so instead they thought it better that he be sent to a Boston orphanage. No one ever caught the robbers.

On his eighteenth birthday he left the orphanage, and inherited a sizable fortune from his parents. He persued a career in psychology, becoming a profiler for the FBI when he was 23, and earning his PHD when he was 25.

The Judicator

Joseph was still haunted by his parents murder, every time he fell asleep he heard his father’s last words. He would close his eyes and he would see his parents’ cold faces staring right through him. Joseph yearned for justice, something he felt the police were not effective enough at. He believed that they needed someone who was not tied down by laws, and regulations.

The Judicator was born, a costumed vigilante roaming the streets of Boston, delivering judgements on criminals. Adorning himself in state of the art protective gear, a FN Five-Seven pistol, and his custom built equipment. Joseph built his main weapon of choice the Gas Emitter which utilized custom made toxins that would be sprayed easily from aerosol device. Also he designed a gas mask that would not only protect him from his own attacks, but let him see in the dark, and create a more terrifying persona for the vigilante.

Joseph had no quarrels about killing criminals, he just tended to reserve the ‘final judgement’ for those who are in charge of criminal activities, leaving the lackeys with a few broken bones, a concussion and some slight psychological trauma.

The police reaction towards the vigilante is mixed. Some officers believed him a hero, doing what had to be done to keep the streets safe. While most of the officers believed him a violent sociopath using justice as an excuse to kill and maim people, even though they are commiting criminal acts, while other officers just don’t believe in him.

The Judicator tries his best to keep out of media spotlight, even though he has never been seen he is a popular topic in the city inside and outside of the media. Not a single picture of him has been seen so some of the city just think him a myth.

Seth Rogers

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