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  • Christoph Hamilton

    The brother of [[:eamon-hamilton | Eamon Hamilton]], Christoph befriended [[:shamus-finbarr | Shamus ]] as a child. Christoph was murdered by [[Elliot Derringer]] when he was six years old.

  • Frederick Waters

    Father of [[:seth-rogers | Joseph Waters]], died in defense of his family, and bank. _“A man who steals and does not give is the dirt beneath my boots, but a man who gives without the need to receive is a golden standard for all of us to abide.”_

  • George Bennett

    George was a married [[Divinus | Divinus ]]construction worker in Boston, and father of a four year old girl, [[:samantha-bennett | Samantha]]. After both he and his wife were tired of being mistreated by the government, they went to a support group …

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