Alpha Squad

Each cell of the rebellion assigns squads ranging from Alpha to Zulu. Those assigned to an Alpha Squad are the most well trained, experienced, and trusted of those in the Divinus Rebellion.


The Infringement Cell’s own Alpha squad is the most famous team within the rebellion. Originally, the squad was led by Eric Loberman, until Mission 0421, and Lieutenant Loberman, became Commander of the Infringement Cell.

Alpha Squad was then handed over to Aidan but after the skirmish with Omega, Leader ordered Aidan’s command suspended, and he began trials to see who was right to lead the squad, telling Aidan that this squad was crucial to getting victory over the DSO.

The squad is currently composed of Aidan, Joseph Waters, Catherine Mortor, Shamus Finbarr, Alphy Quinn, Matthew Johnson, and Cynthia Vega.

Alpha Squad

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