Day of Truths

January 23, 2010, American Visionary Arts Museum, Baltimore, MD. A man named David Vidales, dispatched the museum security personnel, and took twelve people hostage within the building. David claimed to be doing this to spread a message to the American people, of a group that had been marginalized by the American government, and discriminated against for far too long. Many people thought this man to be mentally unstable, after finding files proving he stayed at a mental hospital for the past year, much of the general public discredited his claims of wide-spread prejudice in the government.

After authorities failed to negotiate the police were getting prepared to send in a surgical strike of SWAT to disable the man. As they started to move the media line back, the building exploded taking out the surrounding police, and media personnel. 312 people died in the resulting explosion.

Organizing a public clean up of the area, the government sent in officials to discover their origin of the blast reporting to the public it was a mercury bomb. The public was in an uproar, claiming that David had intended to do this from the start and that he truly was a monster. A few hours after the announcement, a volunteer at the clean up found a surviving video tape which recorded up to the blast.

An hour after the discovery the tape was sent to the media which they immediately put on the air. The video showed David coming outside as he stated, “This is the day you all learn the truth! There are many of us out there, we have abilties, we are just like you, and we just want to live in peace!” David was then shot in the left shoulder, the man fell to his knees, screaming in pain as crackling red energy began to surge out of him in every direction until it began to cover the whole museum and outlying streets, the camera holder began to run until they were lifted and started floating up in the air, then a loud crackling boom ended the camera’s feed.

At 6 o’clock that night, President Obama made a declaration that the American government had been hiding from the people, the existence of another species among them. This was his speech:

“The American people, after this great tragedy that has befallen this nation, with a heavy heart I must inform you of something I have held back from all of you. With in our society there are those who are different. Those that are no longer human. The scientists of this great nation have named them Divinus, those with extraordinary abilities, those that people like you and me do not have.

I reveal this to you after this great tragedy took place, and I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I lied to those who put me in the oval office, I’m sorry to those families my selfishness destroyed, I’m sorry for letting you all of you down. This is why I’m telling you all this, to never let this tragedy happen again, to never let people die for my selfishness."

As a angry mob formed around the gates of the White House demanding retribution for the betrayal the American government had committed to them, Congress intiated an emergency meeting of no confidence against President Obama and all of his Chiefs. The vote was completley one sided, there were no opposers to Barack’s resignation.

As an emergency, Gordon Braun was established as the temporary President, who immediately started enacting counter measures against the public’s new realisation of the Divinus. Creating the Protectors of American Civility Force (PACF), unifying all of the intelligence operations into United Peoples Agency (UPA), and creating more new legislation and security measure to “protect both the Divinus, and non-Divinus communities”.

Day of Truths

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