Initially termed the “Deus Ex Sapien Project”, the project was formed on October 16th, 2002, by Dick Cheney under the Bush administration after the discovery of the Divinus. The purpose of the project was to ensure the safety of American citizens from the threat of extremely powerful or unstable “Homo Divinus”. After months of study, Cheney, transitioned the project to an organization, realizing that the world’s needs required a force to police this new species.

The newly formed DSO recruited operatives from the CIA, FBI, NSA, and teams of Navy SEALS for the capturing of dangerous Divinus, operatives and analysts, sociologists, and geneticists that were all top in their field. Once you were hired by the DSO you were put under harsh surveillance due to the delicate nature of the operation. The DSO began it’s mission by monitoring the American population which showed signs of Divinus potential. The organization began doing this by creating an umbrella health organization named “Red Ties Health Foundations” which monitored all American citizen’s blood, and flagged any individual that had the 24th pair of chromosomes. A team of two agents an operative with a law enforcement or military background, and a agent that had a science or social science background. After the monitored Divinus was deemed mentally stable, and his powers safe for the public, the agents would still monitor his communications, but remove the tail. If the Divinus was deemed unsafe to the public he was quickly arrested and deemed a terrorist by the public and transported to a secure facility for observation, and research.

In 2008, the Bush administration ended, and Cheney was removed from office. The DSO seemed to sink behind red tape, obscure and untouchable. It’s grasp grew but the knowledge of the organization within the intelligence community soon became virtually non-existent. The DSO began to create super-fortresses used to imprison thousands of Divinus, disabling their powers, and performing experiments on them.

The grasp of this new DSO has stretched globally, and consequently from the Day of Truths they installed a puppet leader in the United States itself.


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