Mortor Enterprises

Mortor Enterprises was originally a company called Mortor Oil which was an oil giant in the 90’s and 00’s. The company hit it’s peak under the leadership of Artemis Mortor when the company owned 65 percent of the oil industry. After Artemis’ tragic death by the hands of organized crime, Doloresand Catherine Mortor took over leadership of the company.

Losing the economic rivalry against Vladmirovich Enterprises, Mortor Oil was disbanded and reorganized into a company not only fixated on Oil but the world of fashion as well. Using Catherine Mortor’s already extremely successful fashion career, the new Mortor Enterprises quickly took over both the oil, and fashion industry in one fell swoop. Now, the company owns 85 percent of the oil industry and dominates the fashion scene as well.

When Vladmirovich Enterprises and it’s extremely successful CEOfell victim to a terrorist attack, the media drew suspicion to Mortor Enterprises who were never successful in getting the upper hand against Dmitri Vladmirovich’s extremely successful technology, and military armament business. No proof could be found in the Mortor owned company’s involvement in the tragedy however.

In 2010, after taking a vacation in Boston, Catherine Mortor mysteriously disapeared, and Dolores Mortor took full ownership of the company six months after her disappearance.

Mortor Enterprises

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