Pair 24

In the 21st Century of human history a remarkable phenomenon occurred, the next stage in human evolution development. Calling them Divinus, these humans developed an extra pairing of chromosomes, giving them extra-ordinary abilities, enabling these specific individuals the ability to commit acts thought impossible by mere mortal men.. Discovering this, the American government formed the DSO to combat and develop strategies against the Divinus. As a retaliation, Divinus factions were created to protect their own kind.

Years went on as a secret global war was waged, until the revelation of the Divinus to the world due to the Day of Truths. America, the DSO’s base of power, was the first to reveal the existence of the beings as other countries in the world quickly followed suit. The DSO grew it’s power base expanding and taking control of all of the United States government, and large sections of other major world powers. The Divinus created police forces entirely purposed towards subjugating Divinus, and maintaining complete control of the country they occupy.

The response to this subjugation was inevitable, Divinus began to rally under leaders who promised to fight for their rights. One of the most notable groups is the Divini Rebellion, a group that is very secretive, and not well known by the general public. While other groups existed, the Rebellion is by far the largest, having a network of cells amassed around the globe, and a sizable backing from unknown sources.

Tensions grow, and both sides can see the inevitable war that will no doubt consume them. The skies will go dark, the hills will run red, and human history will be redefined by the blood of young men once again.

Pair 24

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